Liberty Lady is a book-in-progress by Patricia Allen DiGeorge, based on the experiences of her parents during World War II — her father flew as a bombardier in the 8th Air Force and later engaged in counterespionage against the Nazis, working alongside his future wife with the OSS in Stockholm, Sweden. This blog gives a glimpse into the author’s research, her discoveries, and the unfolding drama.


American internees saved by Swedish fishermen
17 Jul
Air Force Historical Research Agency

Last week I made my second trip to the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. This is where historical documents of the Air Force are stored, over seventy million pages....

09 Jun

After his B-17 force-landed in Sweden on March 6, 1944, my father, bombardier Herman F. Allen, spent the rest of the year in Stockholm working in the office of the Military Air Attache. One evening, he met the beautiful singer, Rosita Serrano. ...

The Dealers
03 Jun
Escape and Evasion into Sweden

Whenever an American airman escaped or evaded capture in Denmark or Norway, he would be taken to the Legation in Stockholm to be questioned by the American Air Attache and his aides, one of which was my father....

Fighter Pilot Robin Olds
28 May
Roswell Remembers Memorial Day 2015

The featured speaker at this year's Memorial Day in Roswell, GA, was Christina Olds. She wrote a book about her father, Robin Olds. Her father! I perked up right away. Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds. ...

Hotell Siljansborg luggage tag
04 Apr
Hotell Siljansborg Luggage Label

A year or so ago, Joakim, a gentleman from Sweden, sent me a 1943 luggage label from the Hotell Siljansborg! Out of the blue! ...

Book about Kim Philby, Russian spy
18 Feb
A Spy Among Friends

Favorite (2014) The story of Soviet spy Kim Philby and the two friends, one British and one American, that he so handily betrayed....

Carl A. Heuser, top turret gunner
23 Jan
Carl A. Heuser

Sgt. Carl A. Heuser was the engineer and top turret gunner on the Liberty Lady B-17. He was born in Germany, and his nickname was "Tiny" ...

Hedy Johnson at work in Washington, D.C., 1942
02 Jan
Washington Goes to War

(1988) Newscaster and journalist David Brinkley tells the story of the transformation of the capital city during World War II. My mother, Hedy Johnson, was there!...

FDR's Funeral Train by Robert Klara
23 Dec
FDR’s Funeral Train

(2010) The story of the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his final trip back home. ...