Liberty Lady is a book-in-progress by Patricia Allen DiGeorge, based on the experiences of her parents during World War II — her father flew as a bombardier in the 8th Air Force and later engaged in counterespionage against the Nazis, working alongside his future wife with the OSS in Stockholm, Sweden. This blog gives a glimpse into the author’s research, her discoveries, and the unfolding drama.


Smoking the ceiling Thurleigh
22 May
Smoking the Ceiling

After each mission, the men of the 306th BG would take a candle and smoke the ceiling of the officers’ club with the date and target for the day’s mission. ...

Pervis E. Youree crew
20 Mar
The Mad Russian

Michael J. Roskovich was the first airman to reach the goal of twenty-five missions. He was eligible to return to the States, but that is not what he did!...

Liberty Lady bomber jacket
08 Mar
Liberty Lady Bomber Jacket

The leather A-2 bomber jackets that were so proudly worn during World War II had been the standard Air Corps flight jacket since 1931. ...

B-17F-Memphis Belle nose
07 Feb
Nose Guns in the B-17

Early on in the war, the Germans discovered a weakness in the B-17 and attacked the vulnerable nose straight on....

  • Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby at the National Museum of  the US Air Force
  • Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby
11 Jan
Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby

Trivia Question: Of all the bombers that force-landed in Sweden during World War II, how many are left for us to see? Sadly, only one....

09 Dec
The Bombardier Brothers

A book published in 1943, Skyways to Berlin: With the American Flyers in England, told the story of Jack and Mark Mathis, the bombardier brothers....

10 Nov
Welcome home, Donna Rowe

Captain Donna Rowe gave a meaningful tribute to all veterans and especially to those who served with her in Vietnam....

Rene-Gagnon and Felix-de-Weldon
08 Nov
Sculpting the Marine Corps War Memorial

Korean War veteran John Paul Howard was with the Navy Photographic Laboratory when he met sculptor Felix de Weldon, at the time in the process of making the Marine Corps War Memorial....

1944 Sherman Jumbo Tank - U.S.
21 Oct
Tour of Fort Benning

In just one day at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, I was able to experience both the history and the future of our nation's infantry....