WWII Movies

Okay, I admit it. I’m obsessed with watching movies about World War II. The ones I enjoy most are those filmed during that era. They are wonderful visualizations of what life was like then and how Hollywood portrayed the war. Each month I browse the Turner Classic Movie site and schedule my AT&T U-Verse to record movies I want to see. I’m always grateful if Robert Osborne or a guest host is on to share historical tidbits about the film or the actors. Here is a running list of the WWII movies I’ve seen. I know. It’s a lot.

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13 Rue Madeleine

Favorite (1947) An OSS team parachutes into France in order to apprehend a German spy.

36 Hours

(1965) James Garner stars as an American intelligence officer who knows the details of the upcoming D-Day invasion and falls into the hands of the Germans.

49th Parallel

(1941) When, early in the war, a U-boat off the coast of Canada is sunk by the RCAF a small group of Nazi survivors travel toward neutral U.S.

5 Fingers

Favorite (1952) 5 Fingers is based on the true story of one of the most famous spies of World War II, code name Cicero.

633 Squadron

(1964) British film with Cliff Robertson as an RAF pilot.

A Bell for Adano

(1945) The squadron of Major Joppolo moves into Adano, a small village in Sicily, right after the Fascists moved out.

A Bridge Too Far

(1977) This film is based on the 1974 book by Cornelius Ryan and is about Operation Market Garden, an Allied military operation which turned out to be a disaster.

A Foreign Affair

(1948) Billy Wilder film with Marlene Dietrich

A Guy Named Joe

Favorite (1943) When an American pilot dies during a dangerous mission, he becomes a guardian angel for young pilots just getting started.

A Lady Without Passport

(1950) A concentration camp refugee, played by Hedy Lamarr, is in Havana, desperate to find a way to get to the United States.

A League of Their Own

Favorite (1992) A fictionalized account of the All-American Girl’s Professional Baseball League, organized in 1942 when it was feared that the men’s major league would be cancelled due to the war.

A Secret

(2007)Frech film about a Jewish boy in WWII Paris who stumbles onto his parents’ secret past.

A Soldier’s Story

(1984) In 1944 a lawyer/African American officer arrives at a black army base in Louisiana to investigate the death of an African American sergeant.

A Town Like Alice

(1958)When the Japanese invade Malaya in 1941 a young British secretary is taken prisoner with other women and children.

A Walk in the Sun

Favorite (1946) During the 1943 Allied invasion of Italy a platoon of soldiers land on the beach near Salerno Italy with orders to capture a Nazi-held farmhouse six miles inland.

A Wing and a Prayer

(1944) The crew of an American aircraft carrier fight the Japanese.

A Woman in Berlin

Favorite (2008) The Red Army occupies Berlin at the end of the war, and the German women were not safe.

A Yank in the R.A.F.

(1941) An American pilot decides to join the Royal Air Force, thinking that it will be a grand adventure.

Above and Beyond

Favorite (1952) The story of Col. Paul Tibbits who piloted the Enola Gay.

Above Suspicion

(1943) Honeymoon adventure through England, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy with the Gestapo close behind.

Across the Pacific

(1942) Spy caper with Humphrey Bogart.

Act of Love

(1953) An American soldier falls in love with a Parisian girl during the U.S. liberation of Paris. He wants to marry her, but his commanding officer is against it.

Action in Arabia

(1944) An American reporter (George Sanders) is in Damascus in 1941 and gets involved with Nazis who are plotting to blow up the Suez Canal.

Action in the North Atlantic

(1943) A tribute to the Merchant Marines, starring Humphrey Bogart.

Address Unknown

Favorite (1944) During the 1930’s two German immigrants, close friends and business partners, are impacted by the changing politics of their native country.

Adventure in Iraq

(1943) Three Americans fall into the hands of an Iraqi Shiek. Things go downhill from there.

Air Force

(1943) On December 6, 1941, the crew of a B-17 leaves San Francisco on a routine unarmed flight to Hawaii.

All the Queen’s Men

(2001) Undercover agents dressed in drag go behind the lines into Berlin to steal an enigma machine. Really. And I LOL.

All Through the Night

Favorite (1941) Humphrey Bogart stars in this action caper about a group of New York gamblers who uncover a Nazi spy ring right in their neighborhood.

Ambush Bay

(1966) It is 1944, and a team of nine Marines fight their way through the lush Philippine jungle in order to retrieve critical information regarding MacArthur’s return invasion.

American Guerrilla in the Philippines

(1950) Filmed on location in the Philippines, based on a book written by the man who lived it.


(1968) An American war correspondent accompanies a group of US Army Rangers during the 1944 Battle of Anzio.

Apartment for Peggy

Favorite (1948) A war veteran attending college on the GI bill and his pregnant wife have a hard time finding a place to live.

Army of Shadows

(1969) A thrill, all in French, about the World War II resistance fighters.

Army Surgeon

(1942) Army Surgeon is a tribute to the medical corps of both world wars.

Ashes and Diamonds

(1958) On the very day that Germany officially surrendered, a member of the Polish resistance attempts to assassinate the newly arrived Communist Party leader.


Favorite (1956) Europe 1944, The Battle of the Bulge. An cowardly incompetent Captain directly causes the death of many of the men under his command.

Au revoir, les enfants

Favorite (1987) This touching French film is about two boys who attend a Catholic boarding school in occupied France.

Back to Bataan

Favorite (1945) About the raid on the Japanese prison camp on Cabanatuan which held survivors of the Bataan Death March.

Background to Danger

(1943) In the early years of the war an American businessman traveling by train through Turkey encounters a beautiful woman who asks him to carry some papers for her.


Favorite (1943) As the Bataan Peninsula is being overrun by the Japanese, thirteen men from various Army units are ordered to destroy a bridge.

Battle at Bloody Beach

(1961) Audie Murphy is working with guerilla fighters in the Philippines.

Battle Cry

(1955) Based on the Leon Uris’ best seller, the story of a group of Marines from boot camp, through training and on into battle.

Battle of Britain

(1969) What the British and the German pilots went through during the air war for control of the UK airspace.

Battle of the Bulge

(1965) Our boys went through hell. That’s all there is to it.


Favorite (1949) The 101st Airborne Division is trying desperately to defend the town of Bastogne in Belgium, an important transportation crossroads.

Beach Red

(1967) The beach is in the Philippines, and the Americans are fighting to take it back.


(1954) Tony Curtis wins the girl. That was it.


(2002) A submarine movie that really is a horror.


(1997) A haunting movie about how gays were persecuted by the Nazis.

Berlin Correspondent

(1942) An American radio announcer stationed in Germany is broadcasting in code phrases.

Berlin Express

(1948) An exciting train ride as the Allies fight the Nazis even after the war is declared to be over.

Betrayal from the East

(1945) A carnival barker is recruited by the Japanese to steal military secrets. Really.


(1954) A member of Dutch Intelligence, in cooperation with the British, recruits a beautiful woman to spy for the Allies then has to determine whether or not she is a double agent.

Between Two Worlds

(1944) In this WWII-era movie, a group of people who just died in war torn London suddenly find themselves on a mysterious ocean liner.

Bitter Victory

(1958) Two officers stationed in Cairo are assigned to a dangerous mission. Problem is, they both love the same woman.

Black Book

(2006) This Dutch film revolves around happened to the Jews when the Germans occupied Holland.


(1943) About the training of USAAF bombardiers with the top secret Norden bombsight.

Brass Target

(1978) The “Brass Target” is none other than General Patton in this mystery thriller. Are the allegations that Patton was assassinated true?


(1979) German soldier Richard Burton is ordered to tell American soldier Robert Mitchum that there is a plot brewing to kill Hitler which will make it possible to negotiate a ceasefire.


(1950) An army platoon goes from training for the Allied invasion on through the landings on the beach and then breaking through the hedgerows.

Bridge to the Sun

(1961) The true story of a young American girl from the South who in the 1930s marries a Japanese diplomat. Then war breaks out.

Bright Victory

Favorite (1951) An American soldier blinded by a sniper’s bullet struggles to put his life back together again.

British Intelligence

(1940) Spies, spies, spies. You’re never sure who’s who in this WWI British film starring Boris Karloff.


Favorite (1972) Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey outdo themselves in this story about a cabaret in prewar Berlin.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

(2001) Story of the Italian troops that were massacred on Cephalonia by the Germans.

Carve Her Name With Pride

(1958) A beautiful English shopgirl with a small daughter joins British intelligence after her husband is killed in North Africa.


Favorite (1943) I love this film. Doesn’t everyone?

Cast a Giant Shadow

(1966) The true story of Jewish U.S. Army officer David “Mickey” Marcus who went to Palestine in 1948 to help train the Israeli army.

Chain Lightning

(1950) After World War II is over, a B-17 pilot becomes the chief test pilot for an aircraft company that is designing experimental jet planes.

Charlotte Gray

Favorite (2001) Charlotte Gray is a young Scottish girl who travels to London in 1942 and ends up working for the SOE, the British organization which corresponded to our country’s OSS.

China Girl

(1942) A wise cracking photographer is being chased by the Japanese who want him to film the Burma Road.

China Sky

(1945) Based on the 1941 novel by Pearl S. Buck, “China Sky” is the story of an American hospital in a Chinese village during World War II.

Closely Watched Trains

(1966) As the Germans move in to occupy Czechoslovakia, a young man takes a job as a train station guard.

Code Name: Emerald

Favorite (1985) The Nazis are desperate to uncover the details of “Operation Overlord.” An OSS double agent is determined to make sure they don’t.

Command Decision

(1948) Clark Gable wrestles with the agonizing decisions associated with the job of commanding the B-17 bomber crews.

Commandos Strike at Dawn

(1943) A small Norwegian village is traumatized when the Nazis move in.

Confessions of a Nazi Spy

(1939) Edward G. Robinson is an FBI agent who uncovers a Nazy spy network in the US.

Confirm or Deny

(1941) American reporter working in London believes that Hitler is en route to invade Britain.


(1940) In November of 1939 the Danish freighter Helvig is stopped at a British Naval Contraband Control Base to be searched for contraband.


(1945) The French bride of a World War II RAF pilot has been murdered for her work with the Resistance. When the war if over, he wants revenge.


(1945) Two Russians trapped in a Russian building with seven German soldiers.


(1942) A reformed jewel thief known as the “Lone Wolf” tracks down Nazi spies in London during the Blitz.


(1947) Crossfire is a film noir mystery starring Robert Young as the investigator who is trying to solve the brutal murder of a Jewish ex-soldier.

Cry ‘Havoc’

(1943) A group of nurses and civilian refugees work together at a U.S. military hospital on the Bataan Peninsula.

Dangerous Moonlight

(1941) After the Nazis invaded Poland, a concert pianist/fighter pilot determines to fight with the British.

Dangerously They Live

(1941) After a young lady is in an automobile accident she seems to have amnesia. Then she lets her doctor know that she is actually a British intelligence agent!

Darby’s Rangers

(1958) About the elite commando unit headed by Colonel William Darby.

Das Boot

Favorite (1981) Das Boot is an epic German war film, the fictional story of U-96 and its crew.

Days of Glory

(1944) Russian guerillas struggle against the Nazi’s. Gregory Peck’s first movie.

Decision Before Dawn

Favorite (1951) A German POW is recruited to go back behind German lines to gather critical information about troop movements.


Favorite (2008) The amazing true story of four brothers named Bielski who led Jews from hiding and from the ghettos into the forests of western Belorussia.

Desperate Journey

(1942) A bomber crew crash lands in Nazi-occupied territory, and the survivors fight hard to get back to England.

Destination Tokyo

Favorite (1943) Cary Grant captains a submarine that slips into ultra-defended Tokyo Bay to collect critical weather information.


(1943) A new destroyer is built to replace the S.S. John Paul Jones which has been sunk in the Pacific. Rah rah Navy!


Favorite (2014) It is August of 1944. Hitler gives orders to the German Military Governor of Paris that the city must be destroyed before the Allies can reach it. German and French with subtitles.

Dive Bomber

(1941) Navy flight surgeons are dedicated to keep their pilots safe in the air.


Favorite (2004) Downfall depicts the last days of the Hitler’s Thousand Year Reich as he and his entourage self destruct in his Berlin bunker in 1945. German with subtitles.


(1958) True story about the evacuation from the shores of France.

Edge of Darkness

(1943) A tiny town in Norway fights back against the Nazi’s.


(2012) Emperor is a story about the postwar occupation of Japan and the fate of that country’s revered Emperor Hirohito.

Empire of the Sun

(1987) The story of Jamie, a young boy from a wealthy British family living in Shanghai. When the Japanese occupy Shanghai after the attack on Pearl Harbor he is separated from his parents as they flee the city.

Enemy at the Gates

(2001) Amid the brutality of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942-1943, a fascinating story of dueling snipers.


(1940) An American travels to Europe to rescue his mother from a concentration camp.

Escape in the Desert

(1945) Nazi prisoners escape from a California desert POW camp and hold a group of people hostage.

Escape to Athena

(1979) Greek resistance fighters are plotting to overtake a German POW camp and run the Nazis out of their town.

Espionage Agent

(1939)As war is spreading across Europe and North Africa an American career diplomat falls in love with a beautiful woman who he later discovers has been involved in German espionage.

Europa Europa

Favorite (1990) The true story of a teenaged Jewish boy living in Germany who, in order to survive, passes as an Aryan and becomes a member of the Hitler Youth. German with subtitles.

Everything Is Illuminated

Favorite (2005) A young man learns that his grandfather grew up in a small Jewish settlement in the Ukraine that was destroyed by the Nazis during World War II. He travels there in search of the woman who saved his grandfather’s life.

Fighter Squadron

Favorite (1948) This movie follows a fighter squadron in England as they approach D-Day and how they back up the Marines landing on the beaches.

Fires on the Plain

(1959) A Japanese film, with subtitles, about the desperate state of the Japanese army at the end of the war in the Philippines.

First Comes Courage

(1943) In 1942 a beautiful Norwegian woman is romantically involved with a Nazi officer who doesn’t realize that she is a member of the Resistance.

First to Fight

(1967)After a young Marine fights heroically at Guadalcanal he receives the Congressional Medal of Honor and a stateside soft job.

First Yank into Tokyo

(1945) An Army pilot who grew up in Japan is recruited to sneak into a Tokyo concentration camp to rescue an American scientist who has been working on the atomic bomb.

Five Graves to Cairo

(1943) The action in this Billy Wilder film takes place in an Egyptian hotel.as the British battle Rommel for North Africa.

Flame and Citron

(2008) Danish film, based on fact, about two resistance fighters.

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond

(2014) A four part BBC America miniseries which covers the career of Ian Fleming up to the point when he begins to write his first book about “James Bond.”

Flight Command

(1940) A new Navy pilot who joins the “Hellcats” squadron at Pensacola, Florida has to fly through hoops in order to gain the respect of his mates.

Flying Leathernecks

(1951) This movie about Marine aviators revolves around the conflict between the stern, no nonsense Kirby(John Wayne) and his more lenient executive officer (Robert Ryan.)

Flying Tigers

(1942) The legendary Flying Tigers were a group of pilots who fought in China against the Japanese.

For the Boys

(1991) “For the Boys” is the story of (fictional) Dixie Leonard and Eddie Sparks who teamed up during World War II to entertain the troops

Force 10 from Navarone

(1978) British intelligence agents go after the Nazi’s.

Force of Arms

(1951) William Holden stars in this WWII romantic drama about an infantryman fighting in 1943 Italy who falls in love with a WAC.

Foreign Correspondent

Favorite (1940) One of Alfred Hitchcock’s early films, an action spy caper.

Four Jills in a Jeep

(1944) Four entertainers go on a USO tour.

From Here to Eternity

(1953) Military life and love on a military base in Hawaii just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.


(2014) In April of 1945 the crew of a Sherman tank named “Fury” fight their way through Nazi Germany.


(1956) A French ballerina who is performing in 1944 London falls in love with an American paratrooper. Remake of 1940 “Waterloo Bridge.”

Gangway for Tomorrow

(1943) “Ordinary” men and women help the war effort at home.

Gentleman’s Agreement

Favorite (1947) A newspaper reporter writing a series on antisemitism claims that he is Jewish in order to experience the prejudice firsthand.

George Stevens – D-Day to Berlin

(1994) Excellent documentary from D-Day to the liberation of Paris to the death camps of Dachau.

Glorious 39

(2009) As England is going to war, a young lady uncovers a secret political plot to make a deal with Hitler.

God is my Co-Pilot

(1945) The story of WWII ace Robert Lee Scott, Jr. who flew with the “Flying Tigers.”


(2008) In 1930’s Berlin, a college professor who is considered to be a good man reluctantly joins the Nazi Party and ends up working for Adolf Eichmann.

Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg

Favorite (1990) This Swedish film (German language with subtitles) is about the efforts of Raoul Wallenberg to successfully save the lives of thousands of Hungarian Jews.

Grand Illusion

(1937) A French WWI antiwar film and a cinema classic, co-written and directed by Jean Renoir, none other than the son of the impressionist painter.

Green for Danger

(1946) This British murder mystery takes place in a rural World War II hospital during the V-1 “Doodlebug” bombardments.

Guadalcanal Diary

(1943) The story of a unit of Marines who fought on the island of Guadalcanal between August 7th and December 10th of 1942, barely one year before the film came out.

Hangmen Also Die

(1943) About the assasination of Reinhard Heydrich, a high ranking Nazi who terrorized the Czech people.

Hart’s War

Favorite (2002) Bruce Willis is the ranking American office in a German POW camp in Belgium.

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

(1957) A US Marine is stranded on an island in the South Pacific with a Nun.

Hell to Eternity

(1960) A young man in L.A. is raised by a Japanese-American family and then after war breaks out fights with the Marines against Japan.

Hemingway & Gellhorn

(2012) With most of the action taking place during the World War II years, this HBO production is the story of Ernest Hemingway’s relationship with war correspondent Martha Gellhorn.


(1962) A story of Hitler’s rise to power and fall to defeat.

Hitler’s Children

(1943) The story of an American girl and a German boy who develop a doomed friendship in pre-World War II Germany.

Hitler’s Madman

(1943) Horrifying series of events that take place after Nazi Reinhard Heydrich is assassinated.

Hitler’s SS – Portrait in Evil

(1985) Two German brothers experience the changes that occur in Nazi Germany.

Hollywood Canteen

(1944)During World War II the Hollywood Canteen was a club open only to servicemen and women where they could get a free meal, entertainment and perhaps dance with a real Hollywood star.


(1948) An established surgeon goes into the army medical service and falls in love with his nurse. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Hope and Glory

(1987) A young boy relates how his family survived the bombings in England.

Hotel Berlin

(1945) Hotel Berlin is all about what was happening in a grand Berlin hotel near the end of World War II.

I Know Where I’m Going!

(1945) A determined young British woman is off to Scotland to marry one of the richest men in England. Along the way, she meets a handsome naval officer, and well …

I live in Grosvenor Square

(1945) An American GI arrives in London and falls for a lovely British Lady.

I See a Dark Stranger

(1946) During World War II an beautiful but naive Irish girl turns 21 and leaves her village for Dublin intending the join the IRA and fight against the British.

I Was an American Spy

(1951) An American living in the Philippines opens a nightclub under an assumed identity and offers valuable assistance to the Allies and to the Bataan Death March prisoners at Cabanatuan.

I’ll Be Seeing You

(1944) One of the first films to focus on post traumatic stress syndrome of a WWII veteran.

Ike: Countdown to D-Day

Favorite (2004) After General Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower is appointed as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces he has to oversee the planning and take responsibility for all critical decisions leading up to D-Day.

Imitation General

(1958) After he realizes that they are surrounded by Germans a Sergeant imitates a General in order to motivate a small group of soldiers to organize an attack.

Immortal Sergeant

(1943) Henry Fonda plays a shy Canadian army corporal stationed in North Africa.

In Harm’s Way

(1965) Naval Officers and their wives in Hawaii during the early years of the war.

In Our Time

(1944) An unlikely romance between a Polish Count and an English commoner, taking place at the time of the fall of Poland.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies

(1997) The family of a Rabbi struggles to endure the horrors of Nazi cruelty during the last days of the Warsaw Ghetto.

In Which We Serve

(1942) A group of seaman survive the bombing of their destroyer. As they float on a raft and wait for rescue, they think back to the years just prior.

Inglourious Basterds

Favorite (2009) Okay, it’s not about the OSS, it’s not perfect, but I loved it. It was glourious.

Into the White

(2012) In the early days of World War II two airplanes, one from Great Britain and one from Germany, crash in the vast snowy wilds of Norway.

Islands in the Stream

Favorite (1977) An American artist named Thomas Hudson has retired to an island in the Bahamas where he sculpts, fishes, and drinks. Then his three sons from two ex-marriages come to spend the summer.

Jakob the Liar

(1999) A Jewish vendor who lives in a Jewish ghetto in Nazi occupied Poland wants to give hope to the other residents who know that their neighbors and friends have been shipped away to unknown horrors.

Joan of Paris

(1942) Five British fighter pilots make their way to German-occupied Paris after being shot down over France. They struggle to get back to England with the help of a priest and a young French waitress.

Joe and Max

(2002) The story of how two world famous boxers, Joe Louis and Germany’s Max Schmeling, became life long friends.

Joe Smith, American

(1942) Joe Smith works in a munitions factory, and Nazi agents are determined to force him to reveal critical secrets.

Journey for Margaret

(1942) A true story about an American couple who lose their unborn baby during a London bombing raid.

Journey into Fear

(1943) An American armaments engineer in neutral Turkey gets into trouble with the Nazis.

Joyeux Noël

(2005) On December 24, 1914 British soldiers faced the Germans across a “no-man’s land” stretch on the Western Front. Both sides were holed up in freezing boggy trenches, and it was Christmas Eve.

Judgment at Nuremberg

Favorite (1961) Unforgettable. Based on the Nuremberg war crime trials right after the war.


Favorite (1977) An American playwright helps her friend smuggle money into Berlin to use against the Nazi’s.

Kelly’s Heroes

(1970) Lt. Kelly and his followers are intent on finding Nazi gold.

King Rat

(1965) Story of POW’s in a Japanese prison camp.

Kings Go Forth

(1958) Following the D-Day invasion allied troops are fighting to remove the Germans from southern France.

La Rafle

Favorite (2010) A French film about the July 1942 arrest of Paris Jews who were first taken to the velodrome, then to internment camps, and finally to extermination camps. The focus is on one family.

Letters from Iwo Jima

(2006) The Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers.

Life is Beautiful

Favorite (1997) This is an Italian film about a Jewish Italian family sent to a concentration camp. In order to protect his son the father pretends that everything is actually a game.


Favorite (1944) A group of survivors from a U-Boat attack on their ship find themselves all together on a lifeboat. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


(1962) In 1946 Holland, a young girl who barely survived Auschwitz concentration camp is desperate to reach Palestine.

Lost Horizon

(1937) A British diplomat is sent to Baskul, China to rescue 90 people from a violent uprising. He and four others hop on the last plane out but it crashes in the snowy desolate mountains of Tibet.


(1977) We see the “rebel” General from his ousting from the Phillipines on through to his retirement.


(1949) In 1942 President Roosevelt sends a daring duo into Japanese occupied Malaya to smuggle out valuable rubber.

Malta Story

(1953) This British film is based on the defense of Malta, the little island which was critically located just south of Sicily and east of North Africa.

Man Hunt

(1941) A British big game hunter crawls through the German forest stalking dangerous prey.

Marathon Man

(1976) A Columbia grad student who is training to run a marathon finds himself caught up in a nightmare involving a Nazi war criminal.

Max Manus

(2008) Max Manus was a Norwegian Resistance fighter during the World War II Nazi occupation. This movie is based on the books he wrote after the war.

Memphis Belle

(1990) Based on the story of the crew of the B-17 Memphis Belle that completed coveted 25 missions.

Men Must Fight

(1933) A nurse during the “War to End All Wars” becomes an anti-war activist after her pilot lover is killed in action.


(1976) A star studded cast and a good review of what happened at the Battle of Midway.

Ministry of Fear

(1944) A black and white Nazi spy thriller which takes place at the time of the London bombings.

Miracle at St. Anna

(2008) Directed by Spike Lee, this World War II story takes place in Tuscany.

Mission to Moscow

(1943) A film that Roosevelt requested be made in order to give Americans a warm and fuzzy feeling about their Russian allies.

Mother of Mine

(2005) During World War II more than 70,000 Finnish war children were evacuated to neutral Sweden and to Denmark.

Mr. Roberts

(1955) Mr. Roberts, the executive officer of a Navy cargo chief, the USS Reluctant, clashes with the ship’s dictator of a captain.

Mrs. Miniver

Favorite (1942) Shows how “regular folks” in the London suburbs were coping with the bombings.

Nazi Agent

(1942) Twin brothers battle it out in this Nazi spy movie.

Never so Few

(1959) Frank Sinatra heads an OSS unit in Burma but Gina demands too much of his attention.

Night and Day

(1946) Some highlights of Cole Porter’s life as well as his fabulous songs.

Night Train to Munich

(1940) A scientist and his daughter are relentlessly pursued by the Nazi’s.

Night Train to Paris

(1064) A former OSS agent living in London takes the Night Train to Paris in order to deliver a tape recording of secret military information to the French government.

No Time for Sergeants

Favorite (1958) In this laugh-out-loud movie Andy Griffith plays Will Stockdale, a country boy from back-in-the-woods Georgia who gets drafted into the Army Air Forces.

None But the Brave

(1965) Frank Sinatra made his directorial debut in this war film about American and Japanese soldiers stranded on a remote Pacific island.

Northern Pursuit

(1943) The Royal Canadian Mounted Police battle the Nazis in the northern wilderness.


Favorite (1946) Intelligence agents are tracking down Nazi scientists who are experimenting with uranium.

Objective, Burma!

(1945) Americans parachute into Burma to destroy an enemy radar station in this suspenseful movie.


(1950) A courageous Frenchwoman living in England joins the British SOE and goes to France to work with the Underground.

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

(1942) After a British bomber is critically damaged over Stuttgart, Germany, the crew bails out over the Netherlands.

Operation Crossbow

(1965) A British espionage team goes deep inside Germany to foil their rocket making efforts.

Operation Daybreak

(1975) Operation Daybreak is the true story of the 1942 assassination by a British special commando unit of German SS leader Reinhard Heydrich, “The Butcher of Prague.”

Operation Pacific

(1951) John Wayne, as commander of a submarine spends too much time trying to win back his ex-wife. The rest of the movie is exciting.

Out of the Ashes

Favorite (2003) Dr. Gisella Perl was a Jewish gynecologist living in Hungary who was sent to Auschwitz concentration camp.


(1975) British film that follows Tom, a young solder who leaves home and enters training to prepare for D-Day, the invasion of Europe, code name Overlord.

Parachute Battalion

(1941) A real Parachute Battalion from Fort Benning, GA is featured in this movie. It’s all about jumping.

Paradise Road

(1997) A group of women are imprisoned by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore in 1942.


(1953) In this WWII British film, British Paratroopers are training to be dropped into some dangerous missions. Somehow an American has joined the group.

Passage to Marseille

(1944) A group of the Free French fight against the Axis.

Paths of Glory

Favorite (1957) The story of a World War I regiment of French soldiers who are ordered to proceed with what could only be described as a suicide attack.


Favorite (1970) General George S. Patton by George C. Scott. Excellent movie.

Pearl Harbor

(2001) This based-on-fact film tells the story of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and the subsequent Dolittle Raid the following April.

Peyton Place

(1957) Based on the best selling 1956 novel by Grace Metalious, the story line of the film Peyton Place takes place just before until just after World War II.

Pilot #5

(1943) A pilot carries out a suicide mission early in the war against Japan.

Play Dirty

(1969) In this British film, Michael Caine leads a group of criminals through the North African desert to blow up a German fuel dump.

Pork Chop Hill

(1959) Pork Chop Hill is about one battle fought in 1953, at the end of the Korea War while the U.S. was negotiating an armistice with the Communist Chinese and North Koreans.

Pride of the Marines

(1945) The true story of Marine Al Schmid and how he coped with injuries received at Guadalcanal.

PT 109

(1963) The story of the PT boat commanded by John F. Kennedy.

Random Harvest

(1942) A World War I officer is injured and cannot remember a thing. Greer Garson and Ronald Colman star in this romance, a fantasy really, that came out at the beginning of World War II.

Red Tails

(2012) Red Tails is about the challenges and triumphs of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first all African American aerial combat unit.

Reunion in France

(1942) John Wayne plays a U.S. flyer in France, trying to evade the Nazi’s.

Run Silent, Run Deep

Favorite (1958) Gregory Peck and Burt Lancaster do not get along on this submarine.


(1942) After an explosion in a Los Angeles aircraft factory a munitions worker is falsely accused of sabotage.


(1943) Humphrey Bogart leads a group of men … American, British, Italian, even German … via a tank he named Lulu Belle through the desert looking for water.

Saints and Soldiers

(2003) In December 1944 during the Battle of the Bulge, a small group of soldiers escape the Malmedy Massacre.

Sands of Iwo Jima

(1949) John Wayne is a tough Sergeant who has to train a squadron of Marines.

Sarah’s Key

(2010) The story of 1942 German-occupied Paris when over 13,000 Jews were arrested and sent to Auschwitz.

Saving Private Ryan

(1998) Steven Spielberg’s award winning movie about the efforts to find a soldier whose three brothers have already died in battle.

Schindler’s List

Favorite (1993) Oskar Schindler is able to save more than 1000 Jews during World War II.

Screaming Eagles

Nope (1956) During the night of the Normandy Invasion the 101st Airborne Division, known as “The Screaming Eagles” parachutes into France.

Secret Command

(1944) An FBI agent goes to work at a large California shipyard in order to uncover Nazi sabotage.

See Here, Private Hargrove

(1944) This comedy is based on the 1942 best selling book by journalist Marion Hargrove as he described his madcap experiences in Army boot camp.

Sergeant York

Favorite (1941) As World War I breaks out a young man from the mountains of Tennessee objects for religious reasons when he is drafted into the Army.

Shining Through

(1992) A secretary who works for the OSS agrees to spy on the Nazis.

Shutter Island

(2010) A US Marshall arrives at an insane asylum to investigate the disappearance of a patient.

Since You Went Away

(1944) In an upperclass family, the father goes off to war. His wife (Claudette Colbert) and two daughters (Jennifer Jones and Shirley Temple) are left behind to cope.

Sink the Bismark

(1960) Churchhill orders his Navy to “Sink the Bismark …” or else!

Snow Falling on Cedars

Favorite (1999) In Washington state just a few years after World War II a Japanese fisherman stands trial for murder.

So Proudly We Hail

Favorite (1943) The story of the “Angels of Battan” … the nurses who served in Bataan and Corregidor.

Somewhere I’ll Find You

(1942) Two brothers fall in love with the same young woman. All three of them are war correspondents headed for the war in the Pacific.

Sophia Scholl: The Final Days

(2005) German movie about the anti-Nazi student resistance group in Germany.

Sophie’s Choice

Favorite (1982) Sophie’s Choice” is the story of a young Polish woman who survived the horrors of Auschwitz and comes to America to build a new life.

South Pacific

Favorite (1958) A romantic musical with beautiful scenery that just happens to take place during World War II.

Spring 1941

(2008) In Poland, a gifted cellist and her family hide from the Nazis.

Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming

(1990) Ian Fleming was, of course, the English author who wrote the James Bond novels.

Stalag 17

(1953) No one trusts William Holden who plays an American POW in a German prison camp.

Stand by for Action

(1942) Lots of action in the Navy.

Strategic Air Command

(1955) Post WWII movie about the U.S. Army Air Force Command that was established in 1946 to protect our country again nuclear threats.

Submarine Raider

(1942) An American submarine tangles with a Japanese aircraft carrier headed for Pearl.

Submarine Seahawk

(1959) Submarine movie about the USS Seahawk on patrol in the Pacific.

Suicide Battalion

(1958) The mission takes place on an island in the Pacific called Baluyanna.

Sunrise at Campobello

(1960) Franklin D. Roosevelt contracts polio at the age of 39, then fights hard to make a comeback three years later.


(1999) Saga of a Jewish Hungarian family as they fight to survive before and after the 2nd World War.

Swing Kids

Favorite (1993) In 1939 Hamburg, Germany, a group of young people hold underground swing parties in opposition to Nazi Party prohibition of such dangerous music.


(1944) Edward G. Robinson is the captain of an oil tanker. After he rescues a fair lady and marries her, he becomes involved in espionage.

Tank Commandos

(1959) Americans need to find out where the German tanks are getting across a river.

Task Force

Favorite (1949) Gary Cooper is a Navy pilot who “lives” the history of the aircraft carrier until his retirement right after WWII.

Tea with Mussolini

Favorite (1999) British ladies live in Florence and watch how the country changes as Italy goes to war.

Tender Comrade

(1943) Although “sappy” at times, this movie with Ginger Rogers is for the girls who were left behind while their men went off to war.

That Hamilton Woman

(1941) British Admiral Horatio Nelson’s battles against Napoleon’s fleet and falls in love, all at the same time.

The Americanization of Emily

(1964) A prim and proper British war widow falls for a Navy dog robber (now what on earth is that?) in June of 1944.

The Ascent

(1994) In a British Prisoner of War camp in East Africa, an Italian POW is determined to climb Mt. Kenya, and the camp commander is just as determined that he will not.

The Bamboo Blonde

(1946) The crew of a B-29 paint the picture of their skipper’s girlfriend on the nose of their plane and name it “The Bamboo Blonde.”

The Battle of Britain

(1943) Part of the WW II Frank Capra documentary series, “Why We Fight.”

The Beginning or the End

(1947) The 1947 story of the development of the first atomic bomb, code name Manhattan Project.

The Bells Go Down

(1943) A British film, tribute to the firemen of the AFS — Auxiliary Fire Service.

The Best Years of Our Lives

Favorite (1946) Veterans struggle to come to grips with coming home. One of the best WWII movies ever.

The Big Lift

(1950) About the Berlin Airlift right after the war. Filmed in bombed out Berlin.

The Big Red One

(1980) Follows a Sergeant and four privates through brutal combat in North Africa, Sicily and D-Day.

The Bishop’s Wife

Favorite (1947) Cary Grant stars as an angel who wants to help a Bishop and his wife get their lives back on track.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

(2008) A film about two little boys … one is in a Nazi Concentration Camp, and the other is the son of the camp commandante.

The Bridge at Remagen

(1969) In March 1945 the Germans and the Allies wage a fierce battle over Remagen bridge … the last bridge over the Rhine.

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Favorite (1957) Okay, it just might be one of the best films ever made.

The Brylcreem Boys

(1998) During World War II neutral Ireland interned both Allied and Axis servicemen who happened to land in their country.

The Caine Mutiny

Favorite (1954) The officers assigned to an old destroyer-minesweeper come to believe that their new captain is unbalanced.

The Clock

(1945) A soldier on a 48 hour leave in New York City meets a girl who agrees to show him the town.

The Colditz Story

(1955) The Germans assemble their most incorrigible prisoners of war in Colditz Castle, an “inescapable” fortress.

The Conspirators

(1944) A guerilla fighter known as “The Flying Dutchman” escapes from the Netherlands to neutral Portugal. There he quickly becomes involved with a beautiful and mysterious woman.

The Counterfeit Traitor

Favorite (1962) Based on the book of the same name, a Swedish-American oilman spies on the Nazis for OSS Stockholm.

The Counterfeiters

(2007) Austrian film based on the true story of “Operation Bernhard,” the Nazi scheme to overwhelm the British economy with counterfeit bills.

The Cross of Lorraine

(1943) This movie was made as a tribute to the Free French forces who were fighting against the Nazis.

The Cruel Sea

(1953) At the beginning of World War II a Royal Navy Commander takes charge of a ship of inexperienced cremen.

The Dam Busters

Favorite (1955) The British want to figure out how to destroy German dams. One of my favorite WWII movies.

The Debt

(2011) In 1966 three Mosad agents come together to capture “The Surgeon of Birkenau,” an escaped Nazi war criminal.

The Desert Fox

Favorite (1951) James Mason plays Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Great movie.

The Desert Rats

(1953) The best scenes were those few with James Mason as German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

The Devil with Hitler

(1942) The Devil with Hitler is a 44 minute comedy propaganda film created by producer Hal Roach, famous for Laurel and Hardy and Our Gang (The Little Rascals.)

The Devil’s Arithmetic

(1999) A modern American Jewish teenager, uninterested in her family’s experiences in the Holocaust, is suddenly transported back to wartime Poland and experiences it all herself.

The Devil’s Brigade

(1968) A group of American and Canadian soldiers are trained to become a highly skilled special forces unit.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Favorite (1959) The story of dear Anne Frank and her family as they hide from the Nazis in Amsterdam.

The Dirty Dozen

Favorite (1967) Action erupts on the eve of D-Day at a gorgeous French chateau being used as a gathering spot by German officers.

The End of the Affair

(1955 and 1999) An American writer who has been honorably discharged from the army settles in World War II London to work on his book.

The Enemy Below

Favorite (1957) The captains of a German sub and an American escort destroyer duel it out.

The English Patient

Favorite (1996) Just prior to WWII, a cartographer is mapping the desert for the Allies. Things don’t quite work out.

The Fallen Sparrow

(1943) A veteran of the Spanish Civil War returns home to New York City after spending two years being tortured in a Fascist POW camp.

The Fighting 69th

(1940) This movie is about the World War I exploits of the 69th Infantry Regiment, a military unit dating back to before the Civil War, primarily of Irish-Americans from New York City.

The Fighting Seabees

(1944) The Fighting Seabees is the story of the beginning of the the U.S. Navy’s Construction Battalion.

The Fighting Sullivans

(1944) The true story of a strong Catholic family of five sons and one daughter.

The First of the Few

(1942) This British film tells the story of R.J. Mitchell, the designer of the Spitfire fighter plane.

The Four Days of Naples

(1962) This Italian movie is the story of the 1943 four day uprising when the people of Naples rebel and force the Germans out of their city.

The Gallant Hours

Favorite (1960) James Cagney portrays Admiral William F. “Bull” Halsey who has just been given command of the Guadalcanal campaign in 1942.

The Glenn Miller Story

Favorite (1954) The story of band leader Glenn Miller’s career from the early days when he was getting his trombone in and out of hock up through World War II.

The Good German

(2006) A journalist, played by George Clooney, returns to Germany just after the war.

The Great Dictator

Favorite (1940) Charlie Chaplin was the writer, director, producer and financier of this daring comedy/parody of Adolf Hitler and in particular his policies toward Jews during those dark days of Germany.

The Great Escape

Favorite (1963) The amazing story of POW’s who built a series of tunnels in an “escape-proof” German camp.

The Great Raid

(2005) The amazing story of the 1945 rescue of the 500+ Bataan Death March survivors at Cabanatuan in the Philipines.

The Great Santini

Favorite (1974) The story of a family whose Dad is a Marine fighter pilot who calls himself “The Great Santini” and never lets anyone forget it.

The Guns of Navarone

Favorite (1961) Gregory Peck is the head of a commando unit charged to destroy a pair of gigantic mountaintop Nazi guns.

The Hasty Heart

(1950) Just as World War II has ended a wounded Scottish soldier is angry that he cannot go home but must stay in a Burma Red Cross hospital.

The Heroes of Telemark

Favorite (1965) Based on the true story of the Norwegians’ top secret project to prevent the Nazis from producing the heavy water they wanted for the development of an atomic bomb.

The Hessen Conspiracy

(2009) In 1945, after the defeat of Germany, a group of army soldiers are stationed at a lavish castle and find a hidden chest of jewels. It’s true and now you can learn the rest of the story …

The Hindenburg

(1975) The last flight of the German airship Hindenburg culminated in a fire as it was preparing to land on May 6, 1937, at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey.

The Holcroft Covenant

(1985) Just before the end of the war a Nazi commits suicide after sending a fortune to a bank in Geneva. He will want his son forty years later to make amends for his misdeeds.

The Hook

(1963) During the final days of the Korean War, three soldiers agonize over their orders to kill a prisoner.

The House on 92nd Street

(1945) The FBI uncovers Nazi spy rings, which were rampant in the US.

The House on Garibaldi Street

(1979) The House on Garibaldi Street is based on the book of the same name by Isser Harel, who as director of the Mossad directed the capture of Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The House on Telegraph Hill

(1951) When the war is over a concentration camp survivor assumes the identity of her best friend who has just died there.

The Imitation Game – Codebreaker

Favorite (2014) The Imitation Game is the story of Alan Turing, the British mathematician who was prominent among the scientists who cracked Nazi Germany’s Enigma code.

The Inglorious Bastards

(1978) Italian farce about a group of misfit American soldiers who somehow end up on an anti-Nazi commando mission. Not to be confused with (2009) Inglourious Basterds.

The Iron Curtain

(1948) After coming to work at the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa a decoding expert makes the decision to defect to Canada.

The Key

(1958) Sophia Loren as Stella is the central character around which the tugboat skippers revolve.

The King’s Speech

Favorite (2010) This movie revolves around King George VI, his ascension to the throne just before WWII, and his life long struggle against stuttering.

The Lady Vanishes

(1938) An elderly governess and a beautiful young woman are traveling together on a train when the governess suddenly vanishes!

The Last Drop

(2005) The British and the Nazis are after looted Dutch treasures.

The Last Metro

(1980) French film starring Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu, about a Paris theatre during the Nazi occupation of France.

The Last Sentence

Favorite (2012) Based on the WWII era life and career of Torgny Segerstedt, the editor-in-chief of the Swedish newspaper, the Gothenburg Trade and Maritime Journal.

The Last Warrior

(1989) “Rambo” on a Pacific island.

The Lion Has Wings

(1939) The first British anti-Nazi propaganda film, coming out right at the beginning of the war.

The Little Traitor

(2009) A 12 year old Jewish boy who befriends a British soldier in 1947 Palestine is labeled a traitor by his community.

The Long Voyage Home

(1940) John Ford directed this film about an English cargo ship traveling from the West Indies to Baltimore to England.

The Longest Day

(1962) “The Longest Day” was June 6, 1944 … the Allied invasion of German-occupied France.

The Lost Weekend

(1945) An alcoholic writer can think of nothing except where he will get his next drink.

The Majestic

Favorite (2001) In the 1950’s a Hollywood screenwriter is accused of being a Communist. He takes a drive, has an accident, loses his memory, and is mistaken for a small town’s World War II hero who didn’t come back but whose body had never been found.

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

(1956) A WWII veteran is struggling to fit into corporate America and begins to have flashbacks of his wartime experiences.

The Man Who Never Was

Favorite (1956) The story of Operation Mincemeat, Britain’s 1943 plan to convince Germany that the Allied invasion of Sicily would take place at Greece instead.

The Manchurian Candidate

Favorite (1962) Right after the end of the Korean War a veteran begins to have nightmares that he and the other members of his platoon had been brainwashed.

The McConnell Story

(1955) Alan Ladd stars as Air Force pilot Joseph C. “Mac” McConnell, a World War II navigator who went on to become a fighter pilot during the Korea War.

The McKenzie Break

(1970) This British film centers around a German POW camp in Scotland. The Germans are out of control and the camp’s Commanding Officer can’t seem to do anything about it.

The Miniver Story

(1950) This post-World War II movie is a sequel to the award winning “Mrs. Miniver” filmed 8 years earlier.

The Monuments Men

Favorite (2014) The story of the men and women who, during and after World War II, engineered the rescue of the great works of art stolen by the Nazis.

The More the Merrier

(1943) The More the Merrier is an award winning comedy about the severe housing shortage in Washington DC during World War II.

The Mortal Storm

(1940) What happens in 1933 when the Nazi’s take hold in a small Bavarian town.

The Most Beautiful

(1944) Japanese women are extraordinarly dedicated to helping the war effort.

The Mountain Road

(1960) Jimmy Stewart plays a demolition expert who leads a team assigned to blow up roads and bridges in China so that the Japanese cannot get through.

The Navy Comes Through

(1942) The crew of an old Merchant Marine ship en route to Belfast takes on the Nazis. Shows its age.

The Night of the Generals

(1967) A prostitute is murdered in Poland. Who did it? A Nazi General?

The North Star

(1943) A village in the Ukraine is overrun by Nazi Germany, and everything changes.

The Odessa File

Favorite (1974) A German reporter in 1963 is determined to track down the murderous Nazi comandante of a concentration camp.

The One That Got Away

(1957) British movie about the exploits of German fighter pilot Franz von Werra.

The Other Side of Midnight

(1977) Based on the best selling novel by Sidney Sheldon, this is a story about love, lust, revenge, and sex.

The Outsider

(1961) The story of the native American Marine who became one of the immortalized flag bearers on Iwo Jima.

The Pawnbroker

Favorite (1965) A Jewish pawnbroker can’t forgive himself for not dying with the rest of his family in a German concentration camp.

The Pianist

Favorite (2002) The fate of the Polish Jewish communities as Germany invades their country.

The Poet

(2007) This Canadian film is about the relationship between a Rabbi’s daughter and a German soldier who fall in love just as Poland falls to the Nazis.

The Proud and Profane

(1956) The widow of a Marine who was killed on Guadalcanal joins the American Red Cross and asks to be assigned to nearby New Caledonia, hoping to learn more about her husband’s death.

The Purple Plain

(1954) Gregory Peck plays a Canadian fighter pilot seeing action in Burma.

The Razor’s Edge

Favorite (1946) When World War I is over, a veteran discovers that he cannot bear to return to his former life in society.

The Reader

(2009) Kate Winslet plays a former SS Guard who befriends a fifteen year old boy.

The Safecracker

(1958) Ray Milland plays a safecracker who goes to prison but then is recruited by the British War Office for a dangerous mission in Nazi occupied Belgium.

The Scarlet and the Black

Favorite (1983) Gregory Peck plays the role of a Vatican Priest who outsmarts the Nazis.

The Sea Chase

Ridiculous (1955) As war is breaking, a German sea captain tries to get his freighter from Sydney, Australia back home.

The Sea Wolves

(1980) British intelligence officers lead a group of retired soldiers to carry out a top secret mission.

The Search

(1948) A Czech boy and his mother both survive Auschwitz but cannot find each other after the war is over.

The Secret Invasion

(1964) A member of British Intelligence recruits five talented prisoners to go with him on a mission to Yugoslavia to rescue an Italian General imprisoned by the Nazis.

The Secret of Santa Vittoria

(1969) An Italian village hides one million bottles of wine from the advancing German army.

The Seventh Cross

(1944) A haunting movie set in a German concentration camp in 1936.

The Shop on Main Street

Favorite (1965) A small Slovak town is being Aryanized in preparation for deportation of the Jews.

The Sound of Music

Favorite (1959, 1965, and 2013) One of the most beloved musicals of all time takes place during World War II Austria as a nun-in-training is sent to a family of seven children to be their governess.

The Statement

(2003) Nearly fifty years after World War II authorities are determined to find the hiding place of a French Nazi collaborator who in 1944 ordered the execution of seven Jews.

The Story of G.I. Joe

Favorite (1945) Story of Ernie Pyle, Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent who traveled with the infantry in Europe.

The Stranger

(1946) An American delegate to the Allied War Crimes Commission (played by Edward G. Robinson) tracks down a dangerous Nazi war criminal (played by Orson Welles.)

The Subject Was Roses

(1968) Martin Sheen (his 2nd movie) plays a soldier who returns home to his dysfunctional parents.

The Tanks Are Coming

(1951) In 1944 the soldiers of the 3rd Armored Division are headed for the Siegfried Line, Germany’s defensive line of bunkers, tunnels and tank traps.

The Tenth Man

(1988) In 1941 occupied France, a wealthy lawyer is captured by the Germans as he is walking through his town.

The Thin Red Line

Favorite (1998) A group of soldiers belonging to the Army Rifle Company called C-for-Charlie land on Guadalcanal to relieve Marine units and to push out the Japanese.

The Third Man

Favorite (1949) A writer comes to post-World War II Vienna after he is offered a job by an old friend named Harry Lime.

The Thousand Plane Raid

(1969) In 1943 the 8th Air Force planned a daring 1000 plane bombing raid on an industrial target deep into Germany.

The Train

Favorite (1964) French Resistance fighters risk their lives to save artwork of France.

The Tuskegee Airmen

Favorite (1995) The true story of how the first African American pilots in the U. S. Army Air Corps were trained and sent into combat.

The Two-Headed Spy

(1958) A General in the German army is actually a British agent, a mole since the end of World War I.

The War

Favorite (2007) The War is a seven part documentary series about World War II written by Geoffrey C. Ward and produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

The Way Ahead

(1944) A British film which follows a group of men from the time they reluctantly enter the army until

The Way Back

(2010) A Polish prisoner leads an unbelievable escape from a Soviet prison camp in Siberia.

The Way to the Stars

(1945) Slow moving English film about a British air base.

The White Cliffs of Dover

Favorite (1944) In 1914 a young American girl travels to England with her father for a two week visit, falls in love and never goes home.

The White Raven

(1998) The White Raven is the story of a huge Rothschild diamond lost during the Holocaust.

The Winds of War

Favorite (1983) An excellent ABC mini-series that followed the adventures of a military family in the years leading up to World War II, based on the novel by Herman Wouk.

The Wings of Eagles

(1957) The story of Frank “Spig” Wead, a WWI pilot who was instrumental in promoting Naval aviation up until World War II.

The Wooden Horse

Favorite (1950) True story of a creative escape plan from the German POW camp Stalag Luft III.

The Young Lions

(1958) The story of three soldiers, two Americans and one German, and how their lives somehow interrelate during World War II.

They Came to Blow up America

(1943) An FBI agent, posing as a German saboteur, travels to Nazi Germany in order to infiltrate a spy ring.

They Were Expendable

(1945) The story revolves around the PT boats used in the Philippines as they were being attacked by the Japanese.

Thirty Seconds over Tokyo

Favorite (1944) The Doolittle Raid on Tokyo 131 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

This Above All

(1942) A young lady from England’s upper class joins the WAAF, even though her parents object to her fighting the war alongside common folk.

This is the Army

Favorite (1943) Ninteen Irving Berlin songs with a star studded cast as well as hundreds of real soldiers made this a wildly popular musical show.

This Land is Mine

Favorite (1943) A country “somewhere in Europe” has just been invaded by Hitler, and the Resistance makes itself known. Directed by Jean Renoir, son of the French impressionist.

Thousands Cheer

Favorite (1943) See the “MGM Star Parade” along with a cute storyline starring Kathryn Grayson and the fabulous Gene Kelly.

Three Came Home

(1950) A writer and her family are sent to Japanese prison camps.

Till the End of Time

(1946) Three Marines just back from World War II struggle to adapt to life back home.

To Be or Not To Be

Favorite (1942) In Nazi occupied Poland, a troupe of actors get caught up in some daring espionage. Carole Lombard’s last movie; Jack Benny’s funniest.

To Have and Have Not

(1944) During the summer of 1940 a professional fisherman named Harry Morgan takes wealthy clients out on his boat out into the Caribbean from the island of Martinique. Lauren Bacall’s first film!

To Hell and Back

Favorite (1955) Based on the autobiography of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in US military history.

To the Shores of Tripoli

(1942) A Marine recruit finds himself training under his father’s good friend, a tough drill instructor.


(1967) In 1942 the British send an ecclectic team to to destroy Rommel’s fuel supply at Tobruk, a city on the northern Africa coast of Libya.

Tokyo Joe

(1949) Humphrey Bogart plays a veteran who returns to Tokyo after the war to see if his pre-war bar had survived the bombing and to tie up loose ends.

Tomorrow is Forever

(1946) A young woman’s husband goes off to World War I and is reported to be killed in action. 20 years later, as war is breaking out again in Europe, he reappears.

Tomorrow, the World!

(1944) A young German boy who has been indoctrinated in the Nazi culture comes to America to live with his uncle’s family.

Tonight and Every Night

(1945) A London musical theater is celebrated for staying open every single night during the Blitz.

Tora, Tora, Tora

(1970) This historical film was made by American and Japanese filmmakers working together to show both sides of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Torpedo Run

(1958) The captain of a WWII submarine has to make some devastating choices in pursuit of a Japanese aircraft carrier.

Triple Cross

(1969) Triple Cross is based on the biography of Englishman Eddie Chapman who became first a Nazi spy and then a British double agent.

Twelve O’Clock High

Favorite (1949) A classic film, based on true events, about 8th Air Force flight crews. Gregory Peck as General Frank Savage commands the “918th” bomber squadron.

Twin Sisters

(2002) In 1926 Berlin twin sisters, suddenly orphaned, go to live with different distant relatives and grow up in very different environments, politically and socially.

Two Lives

(2012) This German film is the story of a Norwegian war orphan who was sent to Germany during WWII, then reunited with her mother several years later.

Two Women

(1960) Italian film starring Sophia Loren about how a mother and her daughter survive the war.


(2000) In 1942 an American submarine captures the German U-571 in order to sieze it’s Enigma, the German machine used for the encryption of coded messages.


(2014) The story of Olympic distance runner Louis Zamperini and his agonizing treatment in Japanese prison camps during WWII.


(1941) The resistance in Germany broadcasts over the radio, and the Gestapo stops at nothing to stop them.

Until They Sail

Favorite (1957) This movie tells how four sisters in New Zealand survive WWII. All their young men are off to war as the American troops move in.

Up Periscope

(1959) James Garner is a submarine frogmen fighting the Japanese in the Pacific.


Favorite (2008) Colonel Stauffenberg is in the center of the 1944 plot to assasinate Hitler.


(1959) In post WWII Germany an American solider falls in love with a German girl, something that was absolutely verboten!


(1981) A group of Allied prisoners in a German POW camp train to challenge a German soccer team. It really was Fantasy Football.

Von Ryan’s Express

(1965) Frank Sinatra leads a group of POW’s on a high adventure escape.

Voyage of the Damned

Favorite (1976) The MS St. Louis departs Hamburg on May 13, 1939 with over 900 Jewish passengers, all intent on escaping Hitler’s Germany.

Wake Island

(1942) Depiction of what happened at Wake Island right after Pearl Harbor.

War Comes to America

(1945) The 7th and final film of Frank Capra’s World War II documentary series, “Why We Fight.”

War Horse

(2011) As World War I breaks out a young English farmboy’s life is turned upside down when the horse he loves is taken by the cavalry.

War Hunt

(1962) At the end of the Korean War, a new replacement, played by Robert Redford in his film debut, watches the emerging insanity of one of the other men in his company.

Watch on the Rhine

(1943) A German engineer has been working against the Nazis for many years, moving from country to country. He comes with his family to the United States thinking they will be safe there.

Waterloo Bridge

Favorite (1940) This WW I and II movie is the love story of a beautiful ballerina who meets a dashing RAF officer on London’s Waterloo Bridge.

Where Eagles Dare

Favorite (1968) The British MI6 and the American OSS work together to outsmart the Nazis.

Why We Fight

(1942)”Why We Fight” is a series of propaganda films created during the war primarily to show our soldiers why we were in the war.


(2002) The Navaho Indian code talkers played a critical role in World War II in the Pacific.

Wings for the Eagle

(1942) The setting is the Lockheed plant in Burbank … a great slice of life in the U.S., just as we were gearing up for war.

Winter in Wartime

Favorite (2008) During the last winter of World War II, a thirteen year old Dutch boy becomes entangled in the Resistance and all hell breaks loose.

Without Love

(1945) A scientist working on a high altitude oxygen mask moves in with a widow and sparks fly. Eventually.


Favorite (1979) From early 1942 on, the “Yanks” came over to Britain to build-up troops prior to the Normandy landings. “Hardly a city, town or village remained untouched.”

Yellow Canary

(1943) A beautiful London socialite with obvious Nazi sympathies has to flee to Canada.

Yesterday’s Enemy

Favorite (1959) Excellent and tense British movie about the war in Burma.