Hallcats of the Navy, WWII submarine movie
29 Aug
Hellcats of the Navy

(1957) Ronald Reagan is the commander of the USS Starfish, and Nancy Davis (Reagan) is his love interest in this WWII submarine film. ...

Flight World War II
13 Aug
Flight World War II

(2015) A modern day commercial jet en route to London flies through a storm and comes out the other end in the year 1940....

Catch-22, WWII Movie starring Alan Arkin
11 Aug

(1970) A WWII B-25 bombardier tries to get someone, anyone in his squadron to understand that he is insane so he won't have to fly any more missions....

Cottage to Let, WWII spy movie
11 Aug
Cottage to Let

(1941) This British film is all about Nazi spies trying to steal the blueprints for a secret bombsight. ...

In Enemy Hands, WWII submarine movie
11 Aug
In Enemy Hands

(2004) After the crew of a US Navy submarine is captured by the crew of a German U-boat, men from both sides begin to die from a mysterious disease....

30 Jun
Two Lives

(2012) This German film is the story of a Norwegian war orphan who was sent to Germany during WWII, then reunited with her mother several years later. ...

Niels Arestrup as General Dietrich von Choltitz (left) and André Dussollier as Consul Raoul Nordling in DIPLOMACY. A film by Volker Schlöndorff. A Zeitgeist Films release. Photo: Jérome Prébois.
18 Jun

Favorite (2014) It is August of 1944. Hitler gives orders to the German Military Governor of Paris that the city must be destroyed before the Allies can reach it. German and French with subtitles....

22 Apr
The Last Sentence

Favorite (2012) Based on the WWII era life and career of Torgny Segerstedt, the editor-in-chief of the Swedish newspaper, the Gothenburg Trade and Maritime Journal. ...

War Hunt, Korean War Movie
16 Apr
War Hunt

(1962) At the end of the Korean War, a new replacement, played by Robert Redford in his film debut, watches the emerging insanity of one of the other men in his company. ...

The Way Ahead
12 Apr
The Way Ahead

(1944) A British film which follows a group of men from the time they reluctantly enter the army until they become a group of real soldiers....