Gaby, WWII Movie starring Leslie Caron

Gaby, WWII Movie starring Leslie Caron

(1956) This movie is a remake of the 1940 movie “Waterloo Bridge” which was a remake of the 1931 movie and a play of the same name.  The 1940 film stars Vivien Leigh as a ballerina who falls in love with British officer Robert Taylor in London during World War I.

“Gaby” stars real-life French ballerina Leslie Caron, and although the setting is still war-torn London the year is 1944 and she falls in love with an American paratrooper played by John Kerr.  The best part of the movie, I thought, was when the two were dancing at the London Bottle Club with vocalist Gloria Wood singing in the background.

What kept me watching was the fact that it took place in London during the same time that my mother was there, working for the OSS.  The air raids, the bomb shelters, the American GI’s all excited when they saw a pretty girl.

Waterloo Bridge” 1940 was definitely the better version of this story.  The makers of “Gaby” wanted to have a happier ending, but it was contrived.

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