Tea with Mussolini

The Germans and the Italians couldn’t get rid of us. There is absolutely no reason why we should surrender to the Scots. (Lady Hester)

Tea with Mussolini, WWII Movie

Tea with Mussolini, WWII Movie with Maggie Smith and Cher

(1999) A delightful film, based on actual events, about a group of British ladies who live in Florence and watch how the country changes as Italy goes to war.  The author was a young boy who was raised by one of these women and all her friends.

Suddenly, the political climate changes. They can no longer have tea in the Uffizi Gallery. Oh, no!

One of them, widow of the former American Ambassador, visits Mussolini and has tea with him.

When Italy declares war on England the ladies are interned in another (yes, fabulous) Italian town, San Gimignano, City of the Beautiful Towers. If you love Italy, you will love watching this movie.

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