The American Legation

2010 March 20
by Pat DiGeorge
The American Legation in Stockholm.  Hedy marked her offices with an "X."

The American Legation in Stockholm. In a postcard sent to her father, Hedy marked her offices with an "X."

In 1944, the United States’ diplomatic offices in Stockholm were known as The American Legation. Today similar functions would be fulfilled by the Embassy of the United States in Stockholm.

Located on Strandvägen street were the chancery (primary offices of the Legation) and the Military Attaché’s offices. In the same buildings were shops, other businesses and residential apartments, both underneath and above.

It was at Strandvägen 7 that the OSS also set up their offices, always top secret so that no one from the outside would know who was working in intelligence and what they were up to.

And nearby was the German Legation.

Remember, Sweden was a neutral country so people from all over the world would mingle there.

In short, it was a hotbed of spies!

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  1. 2010 July 13
    Pat permalink

    I have found a current photo of Stockholm online which I am sure is the same building that was the American Legation during the war: see

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